The end of the Coca-Cola Bottle Shape?

For decades, Coke connoisseurs have argued whether the drink tasted better in the traditional glass bottle, can or the more readily plastic container….but in a bag???

In some geographic regions (i.e. Central America, Africa, Asia), popular name brand beverages are poured into cheap plastic baggies (think generic sandwich bags) in order to cut down on the expense of serving in a glass/plastic bottle. In this form, no one can tell what you are drinking and valuable branding opportunities are lost.

Coca-Cola, known for it’s intense brand protection, has decided to embrace the practice and save their iconic branding by issuing drinks in more cost effective, Eco-friendly “Coca-Cola Bags.” Not only are the new bags easier on the locals’ pockets, but they are less expensive to ship and apparently easier on the environment (would love to see these in biodegradable plastics).

PFSK describes the move best: “Being new and kinda fun, it actually creates a new brand experience adapted to particular regions and cultural tendencies that local consumers are sure to appreciate.”

With pros like these, it is a wonder if the beverage giant will apply this as a new option in its major markets as well.

Our only concern: The bag looks more like a fish than the iconic bottle shape…

Will the competition follow suit? In time, will these new baggies completely replace Coke’s distribution of glass/plastic bottles worldwide? How does this bode for the term “Coca-Cola Bottle Shape?”

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