Marketing Resolutions 2012: Mobile Media Marketing Initiatives

As we start off the New Year with resolutions to hit the gym and quit smoking, perhaps some of us should add increasing our mobile marketing to that list. Despite the explosive popularity of the smart phone, we still come across clients that are hesitant to add or increase their mobile marketing initiatives. Well, Nielsen released their State of the Media: The Mobile Media Report for the 3rd Quarter of 2011 and it’s chock full of juicy mobile usage stats and findings that can convince even the most old school client:

Baby Boomers and Beyond…
Still think that mobile marketing is only for younger target markets? Recent Nielsen research indicated, “Smartphone ownership has more than doubled in two years” — The 35-54 and 54+ demographics represented smartphone adoption of 47% and 25%, respectively. While younger demographics still trump in mobile messaging use, baby boomers represent the greatest segment of growth.

Mobile Smartphone Usage: 2009 vs. 2011

Are you leveraging “SO-LO-MO?”
“SO-LO-MO” (Social, Local, Mobile) is a new catch phrase representing marketing efforts to reach consumers during all moments of the purchasing process. More than 87% of respondents admitted that they utilized daily deal websites or applications (i.e. Groupon & Living Social). While walking the aisles or waiting at the register? An impressive “49 percent of mobile consumers say they frequently use their smartphones while shopping.”

So-Lo-Mo: Popularity of Various Daily Deal Websites 2011 Q3


Need a more visual example of SO-LO-MO’s Importance?

How So-Lo-Mo Can Save a Marriage?

Other Key (not so surprising) Findings:

  • Mobile social networking is increasing in popularity – In fact, social networking applications are used more than any other mobile application.
  • Although the Android platform is currently the most favored by manufacturers (44% market share), Apple is still the top smartphone manufacturer in the US (28.6% market share).
  • Mobile Internet use has grown 45 percent since 2010.

That being said, 2012 is the time to optimize for mobile. Besides, with Social Imperium on your side, this can be a resolution that can definitely be kept. “Contact us” for a free consultation to find out how SI can make mobile work for you.


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