To stay competitive in a constantly evolving market, businesses can no longer rely on tired, outdated marketing approaches. Courtesy of the Internet and their smart phones, John & Jane Public have unlimited access to information and choices — making them jaded with “ho-hum” PR and marketing techniques.

Through strategic planning and implementation, we merge the old with the new: tried and true public relations and marketing tactics with fresh, innovative Internet and Mobile marketing. We thrive on unbridled creativity that we utilize to set you apart from the competition and eventually make you a household name. We keep abreast of all of the current trends and set some along the way. With a focus on viral marketing and social media manipulation, we create guerrilla campaigns that don’t just get you noticed — they get results. No cookie cutter marketing here. All of our campaigns are custom designed and unique to fit your market and objectives. And, unlike traditional firms, we handle it all. No instructions lost in translation or unnecessary middlemen — Just all of your business management / consulting, event management, marketing and creative design needs in one convenient entity. As your trusted partner, we work with your budget to help you lay the foundation and establish the supports to ensure staying power and long-term success for your business or organization.

However, successful branding and marketing is much more than press releases and viral campaigns. Social responsibility and a positive corporate community image is an integral part of any successful campaign. According to a 2009 GoodPurpose™ study conducted by Edelman, “two out of three people (67%) would switch brands if a different brand of similar quality supported a good cause.” By incorporating social responsibility into your brand, you not only gain the respect of your customers, but the admiration of your employees and peers. That’s why we believe it is extremely important to link all of our IMC campaigns with non-profit / social causes that fit our clients’ unique corporate cultures. It not only completes our clients’ images – it also makes the world a better place. Now, that’s multi-tasking.

Two out of three people (67%) would switch brands if a different brand of similar quality supported a good cause .

GoodPurpose™, 2009



Who better to handle your next social or corporate occasion than our expert event planners? From whimsical weddings to elaborate executive events, we cover every aspect of your production…



Our enthusiastic and experienced communications professionals will produce innovative, custom campaigns to reach your target market. Whether it’s a full-fledged integrated marketing communications project or something a little more a la carte, we have what you are looking for…


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Creativity is the core of our corporate culture. We amassed a team of brilliant artists and designers to offer a plethora of premium services…



In addition to a strong team of communications, events, and creative design professionals, we also feature experts in business consulting and management. With strong industry experience ranging from Fortune 500 to Fortune 20, these experts can help you take your organization to the next level…


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